personal intensives


You've done personal development work in the past.

You've read the books and listened to the podcasts.

...But, something hasn't completely clicked.


You need that extra boost to help you connect the dots

and make meaningful change.

Welcome to your personal growth accelerator.

Filament Bulb

"Working with Sandhya opened the doors to 

a whole new world for me."

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personal intensives

discover your enneagram type and

use it as a tool for personal transformation

Jump start your personal growth with a Personal Intensive. This is a package of 2 private sessions + a personalized Growth Guide. 

Session 1: Your first session will be a guided inquiry to help you identify your dominant Enneagram Type. During the session, we will explore your life and your behaviors, and uncover the underlying motivations.


Personalized Growth Guide: After Session 1, I will send you a customized workbook with resources, reflections, and exercises to dive deeper into your type between sessions.  

Session 2: Your second session will be an Integration Session. During this session, we will work together to build awareness, acceptance, and accountability around your patterns, and map out your personal growth plan.  

Price $400

2 60-minute Sessions + Customized Workbook


Purchase a Personal Intensive and schedule your first session below. You will receive a link to schedule your second session when we meet.

Do you want to purchase this as a gift to someone? Email me at and include the receiver's name.

FAQ: Why should I do a typing session vs. take a test online?

Finding your Enneagram type can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming experience. There are so many tests online, but the reality is that all of these assessments have limitations. The best way to discover your type is through a lot of reading and reflecting, or work with someone that is trained to guide you in the process. The Enneagram framework is truly transformational in many people’s lives, and identifying your type is the first step in the process. If it’s not accurate, it will send you down a path that may not be very relevant for you, and definitely not transformational.



Digital Liason


Working with Sandhya opened the doors to a whole new world for me.


The sessions instilled a strong sense of curiosity in me to continue this mission of self-exploration.


We covered a lot, but it was the perfect pace. She’s efficient, effective, and empathetic!



Author & Host

San Francisco

In my two sessions with Sandhya, I uncovered patterns I had never seen before, even through many years of therapy. I was not only able to better understand my own motivations, but those of core family members.


Sandhya was incredibly professional, intuitive, and intelligent— lending this very useful vehicle for self inquiry a safe and trusted driver. I absolutely recommend you work with her, even if you don’t know what The Enneagram is yet.



Product Manager


Working with Sandhya was insightful and helpful in building self-awareness. It left me with clarity that was very easy to translate to action. The awareness to me was key - I now acknowledge parts of me that weren't easy to identify or relate to.


Since the workshop, I've formed new habits that have helped me stay present. I found it so helpful that I had my boyfriend do it and we are both using these learnings to reflect and grow!





Working with Sandhya was as insightful as months of counseling.


After doing many personality tests during different leadership training sessions at work, I found Sandhya's approach to be the most insightful and actionable.


Even five months later, I still use the takeaways every single week.