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Filament Bulb

discover your enneagram type


This one on one session will be a guided inquiry to help you identify your dominant Enneagram Type. During the session, we will explore your life, your behaviors, and your patterns, and uncover your underlying motivations. After the session, I will send you a Personalized Growth Guide, with information about your type and how to work with it – including resources, tools, and practices curated by me, specifically for you.


Typing sessions are 45-60 minutes and cost $150.

Want to gift a session to someone? Email me at contact@apertureculture and include the receiver's name.

FAQ: Why should I do a typing session vs. take a test online?

Finding your Enneagram type can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming experience. There are so many tests online, but the reality is that all of these assessments have limitations. The best way to discover your type is through a lot of reading and reflecting, or work with someone that is trained to guide you in the process. The Enneagram framework is truly transformational in many people’s lives, and identifying your type is the first step in the process. If it’s not accurate, it will send you down a path that may not be very relevant for you, and definitely not transformational.