about me

Sandhya Sudhakar,

Founder of SELF at WORK,

Design Enthusiast, Data Nerd, & Lifelong Learner

I’m Sandhya and I’m the Founder of SELF at WORK. I believe life is all about the journey – whether it’s hopping on a plane to explore a new part of the world or the internal journey we take with ourselves. The only things you need to pack are the desire to grow and openness to change.


I started my career in the corporate world focused on marketing and sales, building a foundation of process and structure, while developing people. Since then, I have led teams through major acquisitions, experienced highs and lows in company culture and leadership, and worked across different industries experiencing great amounts of change. Through all of this, the main focus of my work has been turning insights into action, and now I am bringing that same focus into personal development work, one-on-one coaching, and team workshops and experiences.


professional experience

Sandhya Sudhakar, the founder of Self At Work, is a former P&G Director and experienced leader, with a deep understanding of how to align people strategy to business strategy. She spent over 16 years successfully managing teams and bringing commercial plans to market in the Consumer Products and Hospitality industries. She has developed an expertise in navigating change at an individual and organizational level, authentic leadership, and cultivating personal well-being. She uses her professional experience, education, and her passion for the human side of business to help you and your team be yourselves at work so that you can love what you do AND love who you are while doing it.